Did you know that speeding up a website makes all the difference for those who want to increase portal traffic as well as increase ranking? According to Google, loading time is one of the primary factors in increasing a website’s position on the web.

In addition, it is also necessary to take into account that most users also fail to access pages that take time to load, mainly on mobile devices. So, if you are expecting a good amount of traffic from smartphone users, then you need to make your website mobile-friendly and cover all the parameters that ensure the fast loading speed of the website on smartphones.

More and more people are using their smartphones to surf the internet, so it will be an act of foolishness to ignore mobile traffic because it can get you more business than you could ever imagine. But, to obtain business from mobile users, you must tweak your website. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to speed up your website for mobile traffic.


Caching plugins are great for anyone who wants to make a web page faster. It is through this type of feature that you will avoid the need for the server to send the same information over and over to the browser.

This way, the loading will be faster, since there will already be a lot of information previously loaded.



When compressing images, you will require lesser data to be loaded. Consequently, your website will load faster.

You can do this compression manually or use plugins that do this automatically, to speed up the insertion of this type of file.


Creating a simple and minimalist design can also be an alternative to speed up the website. In addition to speeding up the loading, this type of strategy also improves navigation, especially for those using mobile devices.

Adding too many complex elements ends up increasing load time. Also, many elements of the genre end up making the task of creating a responsive page even more difficult.

Keep in mind that not all WordPress and other content manager plugins and extensions are mobile-friendly. That’s why investing in a clean and simple design is ideal.


Broken links are great site villains. This is because, they greatly increase the loading time, as the browser will repeatedly try to connect to the server to get the information, without success.

Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account how this type of detail directly affects the user’s navigation. Imagine the individual trying to connect to the page they want, waiting a long time and in the end, discovering that an error has occurred and that the link is broken.

Because of this, it is important to constantly check the links present within your site. Especially if you work with internal linking to improve ranking.


One more tip on how to speed up a website is to limit the amount of HTTPS server requests. When you decrease the number of such requests sent between browsers, the faster your page will be delivered.

For this, you can invest in sprites as well as using CSS. But remember to ask a programming professional to do this to avoid possible code breaks.

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