Email marketing is sometimes neglected in the digital strategy of companies. However, its benefits are undeniable. It is an essential tool to develop your e-commerce.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to creating and sending strategic emails to a targeted group of people. There are several types: relational, transactional, and promotional. You choose those that correspond to your market and your objectives.

Each message has a specific purpose, whether in terms of branding, engagement, retention, traffic, sales, etc. In addition, e-mails allow consumers to progress in their purchasing process.

The benefits of email marketing for e-commerce

Here are some advantages of email marketing for companies that deal mainly or exclusively through the web.

Affordable costs

This type of marketing is inexpensive compared to traditional advertising and advertising on Google or Facebook. Moreover, several email managements and sending software are free and efficient.

Of course, the investment of time spent creating content varies depending on the campaign. But you can reach hundreds or even thousands of subscribers with a limited number of messages, making this practice economical.

Easy to use

Emails are simple to design. Indeed, automated sending software is easy to use. They offer you different features to create neat and professional-looking posts. You can even use standard templates and customize them to your needs.

Then easily plan and schedule your mailings to the desired customer segment according to previously defined criteria.

Precise targeting

Additionally, you can decide to send your emails at particular times, for example, when your customers are more likely to go to their inbox or interact positively with your communication. Your targeting is therefore done in a more intelligent and precise way while avoiding spending to reach an audience that will never be interested in your products or services.

Personalized campaigns

Campaigns appropriate to your target, that’s what you get with email marketing. Personalization is more important than ever to attract your customers. They want to know that you are talking only to them and that they are unique. Whether by age group, region, or interest, personalized communication will have more impact than a standard message aimed at men and women aged 18 to 55.

Personalization helps create a relationship of trust and crystallize consumer loyalty. By adapting the content according to the audience, your advertisements will be even more effective.

Easily tracked metrics

The monitoring and analysis of the results are done easily thanks to the functionalities of the software. For example, evaluate in a few clicks the opening rate, the conversion rate, or even the number of unsubscribes.

By having access to the performance of your emails, you can quickly modify your strategy accordingly, even in the middle of a campaign. You will also be able to test two different contents and choose the most effective to reach a larger audience.

A good return on investment

Finally, email marketing is easily profitable. Indeed, not only is it inexpensive, but it also generates significant revenue for e-commerce, by reaching a high number of prospects and customers.

By planning precise targeting and personalization and engaging consumers at the right time in their buying process, you open a direct channel of communication between you and them, which will boost your sales.

To finish

As you can see, email marketing is a preferred tool to develop your e-commerce. However, bombarding the client with e-mails at every turn can do more harm than good. It is important to fully understand the behavior of each consumer segment to push the right communication at each stage of the pre-and post-purchase process.

Cleverly built, email marketing will allow you to develop a personal conversation with your audience. It’s up to you to take advantage of this privileged moment!