Everyone who wants to have a website on the internet at first looks for Free hosting. These are services that promise to host page data, but without charging anything for it.

And of course, this is a very seductive proposition. But does it really exist and is it advantageous in the way they sell? That’s what we’re going to uncover in this post.


When you read free hosting, you automatically think of a financial advantage. After all, you will have your page hosted at no cost.

However, just because you won’t fork out money doesn’t mean you’re at an advantage. That’s because, this type of apparently free service only hosts the data of your blog, portal, or e-commerce through the dissemination of ads.

That is, you will necessarily be running advertisements for those who access your site, but without earning anything for it. Therefore, hosting is not actually being done without anything in return.


Many people believe that free hosting is the same as paid hosting, however, there are several big differences between the two.


Although free hosting services have security mechanisms, they are not as effective compared to paid ones. Not least because they need to cover a lot of pages hosted for free.


Probably one of the biggest complaints of those who use a free hosting service is in relation to support. The truth is that you can’t have quality assistance for several reasons.

Starting with a large number of pages. You will likely have to wait a long time to get a call answered.


But one of the big differences between Free hosting and paid hosting is in relation to identity construction. In the case of the free service, it is very difficult for you to create a solid image of your business, since you will necessarily have to show advertisements from other companies, risking even having ads from competitors.

With paid hosting, it’s easier to create this identity and even monetize your site by selling your own ads.


Another point that is disadvantage of free hosting is the space and access limitations. Probably if you have a peak of simultaneous hits on your page, it will have a high chance of being down.

And that’s a big problem, especially if you want to use this site to create an online store. Because of this, most people who start with free hosting, end up migrating to paid services.

Free hosting, despite seeming a good alternative at first, brings more headaches than advantages. Therefore, the best thing to do is to look for a paid and professional hosting service that can meet your needs