What is the point of involving customers on your website or how to create an interactive website? When we take care of the management of a web portal, what we appreciate the most are the feedback from the users, the exchanges on the platform, and the interaction! They are the guarantors of the good health of the website and pledge content that pleases and makes people react. But it’s not always easy to set up. Very often, we get lost in “soliciting” visitors. So how do we go about continuing to produce quality content while building customer loyalty? We think about it with you in this article!

What is the benefit of involving your customers in your website?

Make your website and therefore your brand loved

The first advantage is that of making people love your CMS and at the same time your brand. Indeed, the more you listen to your users and succeed in creating a dialogue, the more they will be aware that you are listening to them. Wealth is born from dialogue, the more interactions there are, the better: it allows your users to talk to each other, exchange, and feel heard. This will have the effect of raising sympathy for your exchange platform which refers directly to your brand!

Build customer loyalty

The second important aspect that can result from a good interaction is loyalty. Feeling heard, understood, and being able to use the online site in their way, allows the user to feel at home and therefore feel at ease. All this contributes to the loyalty of your customers and will make them want to come back to your site.

Referencing the site through interaction

The interaction, the exchange between you and the Internet users, the answers to the questions asked, the comments, etc. All this helps to engage customers with your website and therefore increase it in Google search results. This allows it to be better referenced since Google will analyze your site as pleasant to the community. This will allow you to gain visibility and notoriety, and rise in the referenced trends.

What are the ways to engage your customers with your website?

You have a few tricks to do this. We have detailed them for you below:


The chatbot

Chatbots are a great way to engage website customers. These are his conversations that start automatically when you go to a site with good customer service. Generally, they are launched by a bot (“robot” in English) which is represented as a virtual guide or employee of the company. Generally, the conversation starts with “Do you have a question?”. You can then ask your questions or share your reactions in this conversation and the algorithm will direct you to the services associated with your request.

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UGC and other comments

UGC (for “User Generated Content” or “content created by users”) are the opinions and comments that users leave on your site following the use of your product or service. This is widely used in accommodation and vacation rental platforms. More generally, it is content produced free of charge by users for a company and hosted on the site. This has many positive impacts: mutual trust between website customers, involving your members, even more, a sense of belonging, and a better engagement rate. And for you, this will mean identifying the most engaged members, gaining visibility, and therefore increasing visits or sales!

CTA button

CTAs (for “Call To Action”) are buttons consisting of a text of an incentive or a call to action sought from the individual exposed to the message. Generally, the CTA includes an action verb such as “Contact us” or “Take action!”. These buttons allow you to involve your customers on your website by encouraging them to take action and to click on places to discover other activities or service proposals. This has the effect of making your CMS visually more attractive and intuitive. It can also avoid the profusion of some SPAM emails to encourage users to take action, which can further protect the environment.

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Social networks and collaborative marketing

Finally, one of the most important tips for engaging your customers on your website is sharing on social media. This is where people who don’t know you yet can get feedback from their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. To do this, you can place share buttons on your pages on the networks as well as “like” buttons. This makes the task easier and considerably increases your chances of being shared on various social networks.

Additionally, you can use collaborative marketing. It is a strategy that positions consumers as stakeholders in the brand strategy. For example, you can ask them for advice or their preferences on launching a new online item or product/service. The goal is really to make them interact as much as possible on your platform!

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The best advice we can give you is to create quality, attractive and regular content. This is the basis for encouraging your visitors to interact. Once this is done, it’s up to you to follow the various tips above that will allow you to involve your customers on your website.

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