As NASA employees began to return to the space centers for work, new policies and procedures were developed and implemented for workforce contact tracing manually via paper and spreadsheets depending on the center. However, with these processes, agency leaders observed a lack of consistency and scalability, posing potential risks for employees. They investigated options for a digital contact tracing solution with a robust framework for all centers to adopt and began working with Accenture quickly implement a new solution.

Accenture’s Salesforce, telephony and analytics expertise led to a technical solution launch for a US state within just nine days, followed by a ramp up of 200 volunteer contact tracers within the first three weeks, and another 1,000 tracers the following week. With this success, the NASA solution leveraged a pre-packaged asset to accelerate delivery of a unified solution. Starting and finishing technical deployment happened within just 4 weeks. The solution was deployed to 80 medical contact tracers for a population of over 60,000 contractor employees and almost 20 thousand civil service employees.